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Build It Boys Construction, LLC. Vinyl fence installations are warranted for six (6) years against defects in workmanship. Gates, gate closures and locking mechanisms are warranted for one (1) year against defects in workmanship. Build It Boys will also cover labor cost associated with resolving legitimate warranty claims described by the Manufacturer warranty. Labor costs are limited to the direct cost of repairing the fence. This does not include ancillary costs that maybe required. These costs may include, but not limited to, landscaping, concrete or asphalt work, utilities, or any exterior siding or drainage costs. The labor warranty is only valid for fences installed by Build It Boys.


Build It Boys Construction, LLC. proudly offers the following warranty for any vinyl fence product that was installed by Build It Boys Construction, LLC. As a service to our customers Build It Boys will assist customers with warranty claims. Customers with any potential warranty claims can contact Build It Boys directly or contact the manufacturer directly as per their prerogative.


Vinyl fencing products are manufactured using quality raw materials and are produced with engineering excellence designed for years of maintenance-free performance. Manufacturers warrants that these products will be free from defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner of the property on which the products were originally installed. Manufacturers further warrant that products conform to the impact resistance and weathering standards established in ASTM Specification F 964 and color-hold guidelines in ASTM Specification D 4726, Appendix XI. When properly installed and used under normal conditions, these products will not peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode, pit, abnormally discolor or be consumed by termites, solely because of defects in material, manufacturing, or exposure to salt spray from ocean air. If any product is determined by Manufacturer to be defective, Manufacturer will, at its sole option, repair or replace the product or refund the purchase price in accordance with the claims and remedies provisions set forth below. In the event of repair or replacement of a defective product, the Warranty shall apply to the repaired or replaced product for the balance of the Warranty period.

This Warranty is made exclusively to the named property owner who is the original purchaser of Manufacturer products for (a) the full lifetime period (i.e. until death) of the purchaser in the event that the purchaser remains as owner and primary occupant of the residence on which the products were originally installed on an uninterrupted basis, or (b) 6 years (non-prorated) from the starting date of the original installation. In the event that the original property owner/purchaser should no longer be the fulltime resident for any reason the warranty is considered null, void, and is not transferrable. The Warranty is intended to apply to individual homeowners only. Products purchased for commercial use or purchased by, or installed upon property owned by, corporations, government agencies, partnerships, trusts, religious organizations, schools, rental units, condominiums or cooperative housing associations, or installed on apartment buildings or any other type of building or premises not used by individual homeowners as their residences, are warranted for 1 (1) year from the starting date of the original installation of the products.


This Warranty covers only the specified damages arising solely from defects in the manufacture of fencing products. It does not provide protection against any failure, defect or damage caused by situations and events beyond normal exposure conditions, including, but not limited to: movement, distortion, collapse or settling of the ground or structure or failure of the structure (including foundations and walls) on which the products are installed; negligence, accidental or intentional acts of damage, misuse, abuse, improper or failure to provide reasonable and necessary care of the product; normal and uniform weathering of the surface, normal chalking, discoloration or fading due to exposure to sunlight, extremes of weather, mold, mildew, harmful chemicals, vapors or acid rain, or atmospheric pollution; impact of foreign objects, fire, wind, flood, lightning, earthquake, hail or other acts of God; or, the installation of accessory components or competitive products which are incompatible with Manufacturer products. This Warranty covers only unpainted products and is void if any paint, stain, varnish, sealer or other finish has been applied to the products. All products will experience some discoloration when exposed to the elements for a sustained period. Normal weathering occurs as exposure to ultraviolet light and extremes of weather and atmosphere causes any surface to experience gradual and uniform appearance changes such as chalking, fading, or accumulating dirt or stains. Degrees of weathering vary depending on geographical location, air pollution, exposure and other factors. Manufacturer warrants that its products will “weather” in a uniform manner consistent with the weathering standards established in ASTM Specification F 964. Any weathering change that occurs on a specific exposed face of the product in a manner that varies from panel to panel producing an uneven look will be considered a defect. Color or gloss disparities arising from products having been installed in different years or involving the installation of accessories or competitive products which are incompatible with Manufacturer products will not be considered a defect.

Manufacturer’s fencing profiles are engineered for superior durability and years of maintenance-free performance and are suitable for the containment of livestock. However, these products are not designed to withstand the physical abuse inflicted by aggressive or spirited animals determined to break through the fence. Products damaged by contained livestock will be evaluated for impact performance in compliance with the testing protocol set forth in ASTM Specification F 964, subsection 6.3. Products found to be in compliance with this performance standard will not be eligible for repair or replacement under this Warranty.

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